Outdoor Adventure

Are you an outdoor lover? Do you find peace and solace in being in nature? I am especially happiest and most centered when I am outside strolling, hiking, biking, or backpacking. In these posts I share my passion for a plethora of outdoor activities, including trip reports from some of my favorite hikes. You’ll also find reflections on why the outdoors are such an important part of my life.


Best of Bellingham — Hike 2 (Blanchard Mountain)

Blanchard Mountain Upper Trailhead, to Samish Overlook, Oyster Dome, Lily Lake, North Butte, and Lizard Lake DISTANCE  --   10 miles total (each individual hike is valuable in it's own right, with round trip distances of around 6 miles to reach a single destination)....

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Best of Bellingham — Hike 1 (Chuckanut Mountain)

Kathie's Favorites It's hard to accept, but summer is over. There's snow in the high country, which means slogging through snow or snowshoeing to access alpine or sub-alpine hikes.  I am not quite ready for that! For now, I will accept my fate of months of hiking in...

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Copper Ridge Loop — Final Day

Egg Lake to Hannegan Pass parking lot  (8.6 miles) -- 9/14/17 Morning at Egg Lake was crisp and magnificent! Stiff breezes the night before blew out the few remaining clouds, and cool gusts still swirled around my campsite.  I put on all my layers, including down hat...

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Day 11 John Muir Trail

Unnamed Lake to Lower Palisades Lake Total JMT miles -- 16 Side trip miles -- 1 Elevation gain/loss  --  +2570/-3940 Day 11 was in all ways a great day. I awoke amongst friends and ended up among more friends. In between, I encountered some of the most intense scenery...

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Day 10 John Muir Trail

Wanda Lake to Unnamed lake at 11,460 Total JMT miles  --  4 Side trip miles  --  about 2.5 Elevation gain/loss  --  +1000/-500 Day 10 was different than any other day of my trip. While it wasn't a true "zero" day (the term that describe a full rest day with no miles...

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Day 9 John Muir Trail

Goddard Canyon Junction to Wanda Lake Total JMT miles  --  11.8 Elevation gain/loss  --  +2900/-0 Day 9 was interesting in all respects. I awoke feeling nostalgic and thoughtful. Today was the day to meet up with my three friends--Oliver, his brother Dave, and Dave's...

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Day 8 John Muir Trail

Rose Lake to Goddard Canyon Junction Total JMT Miles  --  15.7 Side trip miles  --  3.5 Elevation gain/loss  --  +1450/-3000 I awoke early at Rose Lake after a night of relatively poor sleep. I had set up my tent on a slight downhill slant, and ended up sleeping with...

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Day 7 John Muir Trail

Quail Meadows Junction to Rose Lake Total JMT miles  --  11.3 Side Trip miles  --  1 Elevation gain/loss  --  +3060/-930 (Note to reader: If you are squeamish about bodily processes, or if you are a male, you may want to skip ahead in this post!)  Day 7 started...

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Day 6 John Muir Trail

Virginia Lake to Mono Creek (Quail Meadows Junction) Total JMT Miles  --  13.3 Elevation gain/loss  --  +1750/-3980 The morning of Day 6 dawned clear, cold, and beautiful. Virginia Lake, elevation 10,330, was my highest and coldest campsite yet. Frost adorned my...

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Day 5 John Muir Trail

Red's Meadow to Virginia Lake Total JMT miles  --  15.7 Elevation gain/loss  --  +2950/-330 I awoke on Day 5 in a surprisingly decent mood after the previous evening's events. Getting myself worked up  over the crowd of late-arrival backpackers, I didn't expect to...

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Day 4 John Muir Trail

Emerald Lake to Red's Meadow Total JMT miles -- 16.5 Elevation gain/loss -- +670/-2850 I awoke early as usual on Day 4, a habit that, conveniently or not, I brought with me from Bellingham. My waking time in "normal" life is between 4:30 and 5:00...No change occurred...

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Day 3 John Muir Trail

Evelyn Lake Junction to Emerald Lake Total JMT miles -- 14.2 Elevation gain/loss -- +2720/-1820 Day 3 dawned cool and crisp.  The night temperature had dropped to freezing, I realized as I collected my previous days rinsed socks that were stiff with frost. I...

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