Outdoor Adventure

Are you an outdoor lover? Do you find peace and solace in being in nature? I am especially happiest and most centered when I am outside strolling, hiking, biking, or backpacking. In these posts I share my passion for a plethora of outdoor activities, including trip reports from some of my favorite hikes. You’ll also find reflections on why the outdoors are such an important part of my life.


Anniversary Hike to Mt. Si

Ten Years and Going Strong! Recently, I climbed Mt. Si to celebrate a 10th anniversary. Unfortunately it wasn't mine, but my son Kyle and his girlfriend, Lauren's. Several things were significant about the day and hike: The fact that Kyle and Lauren are only 25 and 26...

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Last Call in the Chuckanuts

The plan was to take a long, relaxing last hike in the Chuckanut mountains the day before scheduled ankle surgery (Friday, 1/26).  I created a four-hour window in my Thursday to get out one more time before the usual post-op round of casts, crutches, and, eventually,...

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Atlanta Hiking!

Merry Christmas! Or Happy Hanukkah, or however you choose to celebrate the holidays.  I hope the season finds you happy, healthy, and enjoying life! Including the outdoors, if that works for you this time of year. Short days and cold temperatures make it challenging...

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Day 20 John Muir Trail

Lone Pine Lake to Whitney Portal...and on to Bishop Total JMT Miles -- 2.5 Elevation Loss -- 1680 feet This is it. The end is near. There is no way I can stall any longer the completion of my trip. I know all this as soon as I wake up at Pine Lake on day 20. It's...

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Day 19 John Muir Trail

Arctic Lake Outlet to Mt. Whitney to Lone Pine Lake Total JMT miles  --  12.1 Elevation Gain/Loss  --  +3035/-4495 I wake up earlier than usual on this last full day of my trip. I will officially complete the JMT proper today, and hike most of the way out of the...

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Day 18 John Muir Trail

Lake South America Junction to Arctic Lake Total JMT miles -- 11.8 Elevation gain/loss  --  2070+/1410- I awake early this morning, hours before daylight, with a keen awareness that the end of my Great Journey is inconceivably near. This time tomorrow, I will be...

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Day 17 John Muir Trail

Lake at 12,250 to Lake South America Junction Total JMT miles --  5.9 Side Trip miles -- 8? Total elevation gain/loss --  1670+/2870- The morning at Lake 12,250 dawns clear, cold and stunningly beautiful. Words can't capture the sheer beauty as the first hints of...

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Day 16 John Muir Trail

Charlotte Lake to "Lake 12,250" Total JMT miles -- 8.5 Side trip miles (including climbing Mt. Bago)  --  4 Elevation gain/loss  --  +4340/-2290 I awoke this morning determined to be nice. I decided I wouldn't get up until I was sure I could be friendly to my very...

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Day 15 John Muir Trail

Dollar Lake to Charlotte Lake Total JMT miles -- 7.2 Side trip miles  -- 3 Elevation gain/loss --  +2150/-2015 My perfect campsite at Dollar Lake was even more magical with the promise of morning sun. It was still mostly dark when I emerged from the tent, but I could...

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Day 14 John Muir Trail

Main South Fork Kings crossing to Dollar Lake Total JMT miles  --  15.7 Elevation gain/loss  --  +3800/-3620 Truth be told and not surprisingly, I didn't sleep well on the night of Day 13. Every noise from nearby campers filtered right into my tent, and I struggled...

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Day 13 John Muir Trail

"Split Lake" (Lake 11,595) to Main South Fork Kings Crossing Total JMT Miles -- 4 Side trip miles -- 1 Elevation gain/loss -- +200/-1670 Day 13 started innocently enough. I awoke after a wet and cold night at my lake of solitude. It was not raining at first light, for...

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Day 12 John Muir Trail

Lower Palisades Lake to "Split Lake" (aka Lake 11,595) Total JMT miles -- 4 Side trip miles, including Split Mountain  (14, 042 feet)--  4.5 Elevation gain/loss  --  +4000/-3005 I awoke surprisingly refreshed after a cold, windy, and dusty night up above Lower...

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