My name is Kathie Tupper and my path, like yours perhaps, is really made up of several paths.

IMG_0099I am fortunate in that my professional path has generally been very fulfilling and energizing. I am currently a Licensed Massage Therapist, and being a body worker fits naturally into my belief in the importance of whole person health and success.

Past professional pursuits include being a Certified Life Coach, Executive Director of a non-profit organization devoted to helping girls become confident young women, and fitness coaching for people of all ages. I am still passionate about all of these things, and it brings me great satisfaction that I have been able to help, heal, and motivate others in these various venues over the years.

Another path revolves around the fact that there is truly nothing I enjoy more than being in nature, and it feeds my soul on a very deep level. On this path I pursue hiking, biking, backpacking, and basically anything outdoors that my body can handle and my spirit enjoys. And this path, like my professional one, is a constant source of wisdom and direction for my life.

Another passion is finding ways to use the written word to share, inspire, and encourage others in pursuit of their passions. This blog is an opportunity to play on the path of doing just that! Additionally, I am currently writing a memoir based on my solo John Muir Trail hike, and how the multitude of lessons learned there parallel and add to what I have learned on the path of life.  

One thing I am confident of is that even though the details of our paths may not be the same, the wisdom and skills that help us live our lives with more depth and satisfaction are.

You may not be a body worker or hiker, or even a nature enthusiast, but I hope that my struggles and successes on my various paths will help you maximize the quality of your life’s journey. AND vice-versa. Let’s explore what that looks like together.

Wishing you happy feet on the path of your life,