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I know it’s been said, but I’ll say it too:  Life is a journey, and we all are on it.

My name is Kathie Tupper, and if you are like me, your journey has at times been rocky, unstable, scary, and seemingly without form or content. At other times, it’s been chock full of success, love, excitement, and joy. Sometimes we each must travel alone, and sometimes we get to share our sorrows, successes, and inspiration as we go..

For all of us, the path inevitably winds, dips, escalates, and sometimes all but disappears. Occasionally we lose our bearings and veer off altogether. But in one way or another, we must always find our way back to the path, to what feels real and centering for each of us. How we get back is often as important as anything else we encounter on the journey. Equally important is the choice of what we take with us and what we leave behind.

All of these issues I’ve wrestled with for nearly 52 years. If there is one thing I am certain of, it’s that no journey is easy. And I don’t pretend to have all the answers for my own journey, much less anyone else’s.

But I do have passion, a passion for improving the quality of that journey.  For me. For you. For us. For the big US.

What makes for a quality life journey and how to we get there? In this blog I’ll share my attempt to answer those questions for myself, and I hope my sharing will inspire you to find and share yours as we travel our own or common paths.

Let’s talk together about finding and pursuing our passions, gaining confidence and trust in ourselves and our lives, finding and following our path with the greatest amount of satisfaction possible, and learning and growing from our inevitable stumbles.

With determined feet and delighted eyes,